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Father and children sliding in the snow.

The Missing Epidemic: HOPE and child abuse prevention

This week marks the end of April, child abuse prevention month. During the pandemic, we have learned a lot about how to prevent child abuse. Data from the pandemic show a story of hope for children and families. Let’s put this new knowledge into action.
Graphic showing HOPE logo with screen shot of website with photo of father and children

AAP Snapshot: In the Words of Parents

The American Academy of Pediatrics released two new snapshots in the Family Snapshots: Life during the Pandemic series. These reports share what parents found the most helpful or most challenging in raising their children throughout lockdown and as the pandemic progressed.

Parenting through Divorce with HOPE

Hello out there, HOPE family. I joined HOPE at the start of this year to help the team bring HOPE to the West Coast. I’m a Bay Area girl living in Portland. Well, to be more precise, I’m a New…

Fighting Food Insufficiency in the Time of Covid-19

HOPE involves a change in mindset. For many of us, our professional training and inclinations lead us to discover risks, problems, and deficits. In this blog (the first from our new team member, Loren McCullough), we examine national data that…

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