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A HOPEful Thanksgiving

The HOPE framework emphasizes the importance of positive childhood experiences, and Thanksgiving memories of family gatherings combine the sense of tradition, togetherness with extended family and friends.

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HOPE in National Hispanic Heritage Month

National Hispanic Heritage Month takes place from September 15 to October 15. HOPE recognizes how culture, heritage, and tradition play a large role in a child’s access to positive childhood experiences.

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HOPE on Social Media

The HOPE National Resource Center is now on social media! We launched our social media in February of this year and have spent the past several months growing our presence on both Twitter and LinkedIn.

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HOPE in Public Resources

In addition to creating our own materials, we partner with child and family service organizations around the country to add HOPE to their services and resources. This blog highlights two public resources that grew out of those partnerships.

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Back to School with HOPE

Going back to school can bring up a lot of feelings for students, parents, and even teachers. The Four Building Blocks of HOPE can help focus on PCEs (positive childhood experiences) during this time.

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