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HOPE Celebrates Pride with a New Resource

Adverse Community Experiences can make it harder for LGBTQ+ families to enjoy positive childhood experiences (PCEs). With that in mind, we developed a new resource that promotes PCEs and the four building blocks specifically for LGBTQ+ families.
Photo of of a child playing with building blocks

What HOPE Adds

Summertime offers a chance to pause and reflect. This past year our team has had the good fortune to meet with, teach, and learn from dozens of organizational leaders and well over 10,000 participants from around the country and beyond. …

Photo of Native American children

New HOPE-informed Resources

One of our favorite things to do at the HOPE National Resource Center is to partner with others to create new tools. Over the past few weeks, we have had multiple requests from our HOPE Innovation Network members and West…

Little girl playing basketball with adult male with teal sans-serif type below

Updated Resource: Ten Ways to Promote PCEs

A year ago, we posted a blog with ten ways to help children have positive experiences during the pandemic. Now, we know that most families have struggled – successfully – to create positive experiences for their young children during this…

Collage of photos with Tufts Public Health logo

Fall 2021 Student Interns: Welcome to HOPE!

Meet our four new talented students who will be joining us this fall! Suki Lee, Tracy Xin Li, Raymond Graham, and Yixin Li will be working with us on several projects, helping us grow our knowledge and expand our practice.…

HOPE logo with headshot of Kay Johnson

HOPE and Policy – Guest Blog from Kay Johnson

This week’s blog features a contribution from our friend and colleague, Kay Johnson. She has been involved in policy-making for children for most of her career, and has contributed to important policy changes for children and families. With budget debates…

HOPE in Practice: San Diego YMCA

Aimee Zeitz, Regional Director of Strategic Advancement at the San Diego YMCA, joined the HOPE Innovation Network in January. She knew that if the YMCA wanted to serve children and families differently, they needed to support and engage staff and…

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