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Help Us Declare a Week of HOPE

This year we will be hosting a Week of HOPE, this will take place March 7 – 11, 2022. Throughout the week we will highlight all the amazing work of HOPE featuring the many organizations we have worked with and who use HOPE to support children, families, and communities. The HOPE framework offers a new approach that brings identifying, celebrating, and promoting positive experiences to the forefront of care.
Massachusetts State House

Interview with Judy Langford

Having an alternative way of understanding ACES and putting it in the larger picture of positive experiences is essential to the ongoing mission of virtually every professional working with children or families. " Please introduce yourself and your work to…

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Frank Farrow and “Passing the Baton”

“Passing the Baton” is a collection of essays assembled by editors Mark Joseph, Frank Farrow, and Leila Fiester and posted on the website of the Washington DC-based Center for the Study of Social Policy. The collection is dedicated to Harold…

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Fall 2021 Student Interns: Welcome to HOPE!

Meet our four new talented students who will be joining us this fall! Suki Lee, Tracy Xin Li, Raymond Graham, and Yixin Li will be working with us on several projects, helping us grow our knowledge and expand our practice.…

HOPE logo with headshot of Kay Johnson

HOPE and Policy – Guest Blog from Kay Johnson

This week’s blog features a contribution from our friend and colleague, Kay Johnson. She has been involved in policy-making for children for most of her career, and has contributed to important policy changes for children and families. With budget debates…

Policy Opportunities to Spread HOPE

By Bob Sege and Kay Johnson This week, we focus on opportunities to spread HOPE (Healthy Outcomes from Positive Experiences) with the new Biden-Harris Administration. With the COVID-19 pandemic and its economic fallout, families feel more stress than before, adding…

Policies for Positive Childhood Experiences

It is now 2020, and I’m tempted to make jokes about having “20/20 vision” for the future. Let’s pass up those jokes, and concentrate a little bit of what we learned in the past year. Across the United States, those of us…

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