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Thank you to those who help HOPE spread

Throughout 2023 the HOPE National Resource Center (NRC) has been working hard to spread the HOPE framework and have positive childhood experiences (PCEs) as widely discussed and applied in child- and family-serving sectors as Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). It has been a year full of strong partnerships, and a growing community. The work done at the HOPE NRC cannot be successful without the dedicated organizations, individuals, and communities we get to work with each and every day. Learn how each team within the HOPE NRC has spread HOPE this year through partnership and collaboration.

Connecting organizations and parents to HOPE

The Networks team piloted our new HOPE-Informed Organizational Certification program, with the 2023 cohort of the HOPE Innovation Networks (HIN). Over the year we worked closely with this cohort of organizations, establishing the Six Standards of HOPE, and methods of organization-wide implementation of the HOPE framework. After six months of training and assessing, we congratulate the first eight HOPE-Inspired Organizations.

Our Networks team also works hard connecting with parents through our Family and Community Experts Advisory Board (FACEs of HOPE) and other experts in the field through our HOPE National Advisory Board (HOPE NAB) to gain constructive feedback for all our projects, and organizational changes. Over the past year these experts have helped us plan our HOPE-Informed Organizational Certification and guide us in changes to the HOPE National Resource Centers focus and practice.

Spreading HOPE through training programs

Over the last year the Training and Technical Assistance (TTA) team trained 249 new HOPE Facilitators and 23 new HOPE Champions. They have also held over 150 workshops, with 48 of those workshops being an Introduction to HOPE. In addition to these trainings, the TTA team launched our new HOPE-Informed Organizational Certification program. Currently we are working with several organizations to go through our new certification process.

The HOPE NRC also expanded our Virtual Learning Hub this year with two new courses – HOPE and Substance Use Prevention, Intervention, and Treatment and HOPE and Pediatric Residency. In early 2024, we plan to release additional courses centered around child- and family-serving sectors including home visiting and child welfare.

In support of HOPE’s mission to spread PCEs, the TTA team has done an incredible job training the newest members of the HOPE community. We look forward to inspiring even more individuals and organizations to promote the HOPE framework in 2024.

Annual Summits and bringing the HOPE community together

2023 also brought another successful Annual HOPE Summit, where we dove into practicing HOPE. We have recently opened registration for the Fourth Annual HOPE Summit – The HOPE Transformation, taking place virtually on March 20 and 21, 2024. The theme of the Summit is to support organizational transformation and adoption of the HOPE framework.

The Communications team is the powerful force behind our Summits. From marketing the event to all the planning details, they work hard to make these events are dynamic, impactful, and memorable. The team allows the HOPE NRC to bring the HOPE framework and power of positive childhood experiences to both new and current members of the HOPE community through our consistent social media presence, weekly blogs, and monthly email newsletters.

Collaborating with research partners

2023 was a highly productive year for the Research team. The team engaged in collaborative research projects with numerous organizations including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the National Association of County and City Health Officials, Prevent Child Abuse New Jersey, Shiloh Baptist Church, Trenton New Jersey, Children’s National Hospital, and Garden State Equality. With our partners, we are working on expanding the evidence supporting the importance of positive childhood experiences for optimal health outcomes. The research team is currently preparing multiple research grant proposals to support new projects in 2024.

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