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Join us in spreading HOPE during 2024

The HOPE National Resource Center (NRC) is excited to ring in the New Year! In 2024, we have many upcoming events, trainings, and new opportunities. Over the last year the HOPE NRC has worked hard to create new programs and update existing ones. Our programs and events do not teach a rigid program, they are designed to be applied to many sectors, communities, organizations, practitioners, and families. The HOPE framework is meant for all to use, no matter how someone practices positive childhood experiences (PCEs), and we encourage all to register or apply to the events and programs that are open in the new year!

Register for the Fourth Annual HOPE Summit

Don’t miss the Fourth Annual HOPE Summit on March 20 and 21! This year’s theme is the HOPE Transformation where we will deep dive into the Six Standards of HOPE. Each standard builds on the others, informing organizations and individuals how to implement the HOPE framework into their everyday practice. From basic knowledge of the framework to continuous learning practices, these topics are for those who are new and experienced with the HOPE framework. We will be offering two keynote addresses and three workshop sessions featuring a diverse group of industry leaders who are practicing HOPE in their own work, and interactive networking throughout the two-day summit.

Register for the Summit by Monday, January 8 to get our early bird discount of $50 off the ticket price.

Become a HOPE-Informed Certified Organization

In 2023 the HOPE NRC developed the new HOPE-Informed Organizational Certification program where organizations can embark on a journey of culture and organizational change such as improving health equity, improving service quality and delivery, and increasing staff engagement and preventing burnout. The Certification program guides organizations through the Six Standards of HOPE and provides hands-on technical assistance for organizations to make changes to their own practice to align their work with the HOPE framework.

Learn how to start the process of becoming a HOPE-Informed organization today!

Sign-up for the HOPE Train the Facilitator program offered in Spanish

Last year the HOPE NRC worked in partnership with Ariane Porras, a HOPE Champion, to create a HOPE Facilitator training offered in Spanish. This January we will hold our first cohort of Facilitators who will complete the training in Spanish. These future HOPE Facilitators will leave the program with the skills to facilitate the Introduction to HOPE presentation out in their Spanish-speaking communities. Sharing the HOPE framework in different languages is an important part of spreading equitable access to positive childhood experiences.

The cohort offered in Spanish begins on January 9 – sign up to become the next HOPE Facilitator! If none of the posted cohorts work for your schedule, sign up for the waitlist.

Register for the HOPE Champion program

Going into the new year, we have three open cohorts of the HOPE Champion Certification program starting as early as January 11. Sign up today to become a HOPE Champion and be trained to provide technical assistance to organizations on the HOPE framework. HOPE Champions also help organizations achieve the HOPE-Informed Organizational Certification. A HOPE Champion is needed if organizations want to go through the certification process, whether the Champion is someone within the organization or an external partner. This is an opportunity to create a direct impact in spreading the HOPE framework and positive childhood experiences to your organization and community.

Contact us

Not sure if HOPE’s programs and events are right for you? Reach out to us with any questions.

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