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The HOPE National Resource Center is excited to announce expanded options for HOPE trainings! While we always work with organizations to tailor the training experience to specific local needs, below are basic descriptions of our most requested options including some new opportunities. All trainings can be delivered virtually or in-person.

Training options: Introductory

Keynote presentation

Typically one hour in length, the keynote presentation reviews the effects of ACEs on health outcomes; the importance of positive childhood experiences (PCEs); the research showing PCEs mitigating effects on ACEs and the biologic basis for these effects; the four building blocks of HOPE; and type 1 vs. type 2 thinking. 

Spreading HOPE: Online Learning Management System (LMS)

The Spreading HOPE LMS, launching in early summer 2021, offers introductory HOPE training through five modules that can be viewed at the learner’s own pace.  Participants can obtain certificates of completion, and continuing education credits for doctors, nurses, social workers, and psychologists.

The Spreading HOPE LMS includes reporting options that support efficient and verified training as part of ongoing staff development, onboarding of new staff and manager, and allowing state and local agencies to support their vendors in workforce training.  

Training options: Intermediate

2-hour workshop

The 2-hour workshop will include a one-hour presentation as described above.  The second hour will include skill building exercises focusing on how to incorporate the HOPE Framework into practice.  The second hour, customized to the specific sector in the audience, will be highly interactive and include breakout groups and opportunities for sharing.

Full day workshop (4 hours)

The full day workshop consists of 2 2-hour sessions that can be delivered in one day (with a lunch break) or over two days.  The workshop will begin with a one-hour HOPE overview presentation as described above.  The subsequent hours will consist of focused skill building exercises and small group work focused on a combination of the following topics depending on organizational interest: increasing access to the 4 Building Blocks in your community; using HOPE as an antiracist framework to address disparities in your organization; analyzing your policies through a HOPE-informed lens; crafting HOPE-informed intakes; practicing HOPE-informed patient/client interactions.  We work with each organization to customize this training to the needs of the participants.  After completing the workshop participants will have clear ideas of how to begin to incorporate HOPE into their work.

Training options: Advanced

Train the Facilitator Program

The Train the Facilitator workshops are available to individuals who are interested in a more intensive HOPE training. These workshops are open to up to 20 individuals who have participated in an initial HOPE training session and are interested in learning more and taking on a leadership role to ensure new staff, contractors, and community partners have an opportunity to learn about HOPE. Those who participate in the three sessions will learn how to present a HOPE 101 training and facilitate working groups to encourage HOPE implementation throughout a community.  The Program consists of 8-10 hours of training over three highly interactive workshops occurring 2-4 weeks apart, either virtually or in-person.

Whether you’re just dipping your toe into HOPE-ful water or you’re already well-versed in the HOPE framework, we’d love to work with your organization to deepen your experience of HOPE. Request more information about hosting a HOPE workshop by filling out this form.

Photo by Lagos Techie on Unsplash

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