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HOPE Faculty Trainer Certification

Deliver your own HOPE Train the Facilitator cohorts

Are you already a HOPE Facilitator or HOPE Champion who wants to train others to be HOPE Facilitators? As a HOPE Faculty Trainer, you can host your own Train the Facilitator cohorts. All Facilitators trained by Faculty Trainers will be added to the official HOPE National Resource Center’s (NRC) Facilitator directory and are held to the same standards as HOPE NRC-trained Facilitators. All Faculty Trainers will use HOPE NRC’s registration forms and processes for hosting their cohorts.

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How can I become certified as Faculty Trainer?


Facilitator or Champion Certification

Complete or recertify your HOPE Facilitator or Champion Certification.


Faculty Trainer Application

Complete the HOPE Faculty Trainer application.


Presentation Observation

Invite us to (virtually) observe one of your HOPE presentations.


Co-Led Train the Facilitator Cohort

Co-facilitate a Train the Facilitator cohort with us.

Are you ready to become a Faculty Trainer?

To be eligible for the Faculty Trainer program, you must be a current HOPE Facilitator or Champion. If your certification has expired, please email us at to recertify.

As part of the Certification process, we will need to observe you conduct a HOPE presentation and then co-facilitate a Train the Facilitator cohort with us. Train the Facilitator cohorts typically require 5 hours of training time across 4 weeks.

There is no cost to become a Faculty Trainer.

As a Faculty Trainer, you will use the HOPE National Resource Center’s registration form to register individuals for your cohorts. HOPE NRC will reimburse you 50% of the registration fees for each cohort. The cost per person for the Train the Facilitator is $1200, and you may register up to 16 people per cohort. You may also choose to offer private cohorts for organizations at $12,000 for up to 16 people. As a Faculty Trainer, you may determine how many scholarships you want to offer per cohort.

Become a HOPE Faculty Trainer

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Not sure if the HOPE Faculty Trainer Certification program is right for you? Reach out to us with any questions.

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