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Text - Week of HOPE, Resources and Recorded Workshops

Thank you to everyone who came to the 3rd Annual HOPE Summit and participated in our Week of HOPE from Monday, March 27 to Friday, March 31. We talked with folks from many diverse sectors of child and family service who shared their experiences with HOPE in their unique community settings. We left the Summit feeling inspired by all of the amazing work people around the world are doing to bring positive childhood experiences into mainstream practice. For those who attended the HOPE Summit, recordings of all the workshops and plenary sessions are now available to view.

The theme for both the HOPE Summit and the Week of HOPE for 2023 was Practicing HOPE. To share the many ways to practice HOPE, we released new resources, informative blogs about HOPE in practice, and hosted a discussion panel called HOPE around the Globe. Whether you are new to HOPE or have been on this journey for a while, these resources can help bring a new perspective to your practice or help inform how to begin practicing HOPE.





HOPE around the Globe, panel discussion shares how the HOPE framework is used in child and family services in Australia, Canada, Finland, and the UK. This event was sponsored by Global Tufts Month, and the 2023 theme was confronting global challenges to human well-being – together. We also created a resource from this event with five tips to implement HOPE in global  settings.


*Thank you to all our sponsors who made the 3rd Annual HOPE Summit – Practicing HOPE possible and successful!
Boston Children’s Hospital, National Institute of Health, Tufts Medicine, CareSource, TeACH, Eastern Bank, Blue Cross Blue Shield of MA, Point32Health, Charles Hood Foundation.

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