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The HOPE National Resource Center (NRC) began the Train the Facilitator program in August, 2021. Since that time, HOPE has certified 154 people to provide the Introduction to HOPE, with another 96 people either currently in process or registered to begin the training in the coming months. We have also added a second-level certification, HOPE Champions, for our Facilitators who want to go beyond the introduction and provide HOPEful technical assistance. Since launching this summer, the program has certified over 30 members. Our HOPE Champions work within their community to help organizations change their forms, revise their policies, train their staff, and create an internal culture of HOPE. Since HOPE is a flexible framework that looks really different community to community and sector to sector, having local Facilitators and Champions across the country allows HOPE to spread to a culturally and community-resonant way.

HOPE facilitators are all over the U.S. and in other countries across the world. Join these organizations and individuals who are spreading HOPE by registering for an open cohort. There are facilitators throughout Hawaii who have completed both the Train the Facilitator and HOPE Champion programs. HOPE is also systemically represented in Idaho, Michigan, California, and starting in early 2023, the state of Georgia. For international representation, there are now facilitators in Australia and Finland. If you are interested in being trained by one of our many facilitators in your area, look through our certified facilitators by state.

Photo by Sue Zeng on Unsplash

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