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HOPE in Foster Care Organizations

HOPE National Resource Center Director, Bob Sege, went to Darwin Australia two weeks ago. Below is his firsthand experience and impression of how international foster care organizations are practicing the HOPE framework.
Father and children sliding in the snow.

The Missing Epidemic: HOPE and child abuse prevention

This week marks the end of April, child abuse prevention month. During the pandemic, we have learned a lot about how to prevent child abuse. Data from the pandemic show a story of hope for children and families. Let’s put this new knowledge into action.
Photo of of a child playing with building blocks

What HOPE Adds

Summertime offers a chance to pause and reflect. This past year our team has had the good fortune to meet with, teach, and learn from dozens of organizational leaders and well over 10,000 participants from around the country and beyond. …

Happy HOPE Day!

Happy HOPE Day!

Roger Sherman, Executive Director of the Idaho Children’s Trust, let us know that Governor Little has declared today, May 21, 2021 as HOPE day in Idaho. Thank you Governor Little, and thanks also to Roger Sherman for bringing HOPE to…

HOPE in the News

HOPE in the News

By Dr. Bob Sege and Loren McCullough Our recent blog post discussed the American Academy of Pediatrics’ (AAP) “Snapshots,” the first in a series of reports that discuss the results of a nationwide poll of parents. The AAP highlighted that families…

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