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Reasons for HOPE (Sege, 2021)

This article discusses the ways pediatricians benefit from adopting the HOPE framework in their practice. Focusing on identifying the strengths of families during the COVID-19 pandemic, promoting resilience for families and developing an antiracist approach through a focus on strengths.…

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Four Ways to Assess Positive Childhood Experiences

Workshop and training participants often ask about how to assess or screen for PCEs. While there is no one evidence-based way to screen for Positive Childhood Experiences, we have developed a resource with a list of the most commonly-used options.

Video still of Keynote Address with Reverend Darrell Armstrong

Keynote Address with Rev. Darrell Armstrong

Reverend Darrell Armstrong, MDiv, EdS is the Pastor of the Shiloh Baptist Church in Trenton, NJ. Rev. Armstrong is an acclaimed speaker, writer, workshop facilitator and religious leader. He is a national leader on issues pertaining to child welfare and…

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Building Hope in the Face of Adversity

This handout provides some examples and tips about how to practice HOPE in your life, retraining ourselves to more easily see protective factors by building core HOPE concepts into our self-care routines.

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Professional Stories of HOPE: Victor Sims’ Story

Victor Sims, case manager supervisor at SailFuture, 2020 Casey Excellence for Children Awardee, and an American Bar Association Reunification Hero No one has told [youth in the Department of Juvenile Justice] they’re good people. They have already been counted out. This story is adapted…

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Professional Stories of HOPE: Dr. Laura Koenigs’ Story

Laura Koenigs, MD, FSAHM, FAAP, Vice Chair of Education, Program Director, Pediatric Residency, UMMS-Baystate It is wonderful watching parents light up (and the teens squirm but smile) as they gush about their children. “I listened to Dr. Sege give a…

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Personal Stories of HOPE: Corey Best’s Story

Corey Best, a member of the HOPE National Advisory Board and the Birth Parent National Network (BPNN) | CTF Alliance HOPE from a parenting perspective is recognizing my child’s ability to grow, to learn, to continue to have a growth mindset, and…

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