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Week of HOPE - 2023 HOPE Library

Virtual Week of HOPE Family Library

Below is our 2023 Week of HOPE Family Library. Click the books you want to hear read out loud and share the experience with your children. These books are linked to KidLit TV and their “Read Out Loud” series, go…

Photo of a family holding their hands in a shape of a heart

HOPE in Faith Communities Toolkit

Faith communities are in a unique position to promote Positive Childhood Experiences (PCEs) for children, youth, and families. Lifelong engagement, access to the whole family, programming, consistent contact, and outreach during traumatic times and their aftermath. At HOPE National Resource…

Illustration of a book shelf with children's books on it

Virtual HOPE Family Library

The resources below are virtual libraries. They contain links to virtual book readings directly from YouTube. It is a wonderful opportunity to pause with your children and listen to heartwarming stories together. This practice can help build strong relationships.

Photo of African American boy wearing a mask giving a thumbs up

Child Physical Abuse Did Not Increase During the Pandemic

HOPE suggests that providers identify, celebrate, and promote positive childhood experiences. In this paper, published in the American Medical Association’s journal, JAMA Pediatrics, Bob Sege and Allison Stephens do just that. Polls and the HOPE NRC’s experiences have identified how…

Video still of HOPE and Early Childhood Education with Jamie Ward, MS

HOPE and Early Childhood Education, Jamie Ward, MS

Jamie Ward, Founder and Owner of Curricula Concepts, discussed her work with early childhood educators and caregivers on the importance of engaging families with young children. The incorporation of HOPE into relevant models, including the Parent Café program, was examined.

Graphic showing info and a photo of two men and a little girl

Creating Positive Experiences for School-Age Children

Dr. Robert Sege, Director of the HOPE National Resource Center, wrote a series of parent brochures for the American Academy of Pediatrics’ Each brochure offers advice on creating positive experiences for children during this time of Covid-19, with different brochures…

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