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Father laughing with baby

Over the summer, two of our high school interns, Emily Chen and Alina Ngo, worked on a project to translate HOPE resources into Mandarin and Vietnamese. One resource is an interactive worksheet that allows families to identify the building blocks that they practice and how they are accessing each building block. This worksheet can help service providers bring forward the positive aspects of a family’s lived experience before bringing up adversities. Another resource goes into detail about the Four Building Blocks of HOPE. The last resource is a poster sharing the Four Building Blocks. Providers can print them out and post them in doctor offices, schools, community centers, and even local playgrounds.

As a part of our commitment to active anti-racism and expanding access to the Four Building Blocks of HOPE, we want HOPE resources to be available in the languages that those in the community speak. Access to resources can help drive equity in care and even in organizational change. These steps to translate resources supports the ability for providers to offer services in multiple languages to reduce barriers for all children and families in the community. If you need any HOPE resources translated to meet the needs of the children and families you serve, please reach out to us at

Photo by Guillaume de Germain on Unsplash

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