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Nurse giving young girl a band aid

The HOPE National Resource Center (NRC) released a new set of training videos! In the videos, Dr. Sege shares the results of an ACEs (adverse childhood experiences) screening to a parent and child, who are played by Courtney and her son, Henry. The videos show what this conversation can look like without the HOPE framework and with the HOPE framework. They give a side by side look at the difference that the HOPE framework can make when working with children and families. They also show how doctors and other service providers can use the four building blocks of HOPE, even in a short visit like this.

As you watch the video with the HOPE framework, you will see the connection between the mother and her child. You also will see how that connection relates to HOPE. Dr. Sege begins with questions that help the parent to share her personal strengths and the strengths of her family. Questions like these tell the doctor how each building block is being practiced in the family already.

Take a moment to watch the videos and see what a difference HOPE can make.

ACEs Review Without HOPE Framework:


ACEs Review With HOPE Framework:

*Note: Both of these videos are made up and do not come from anyone’s specific experience with a doctor. Dr. Sege, Courtney, and Henry are all actors.

Photo by CDC on Unsplash

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