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Text - Week of HOPE - Meet the characters from Clover's Hopeful day.

Learn about the characters from our upcoming children’s book.

Clover’s Hopeful Day, a children’s book to be released by the end of the year, is a story about a young bunny named Clover who experiences the Four Building Blocks of HOPE in unexpected ways. The story teaches us that, even in challenging moments, there are opportunities for positive childhood experiences (PCEs).

As part of the Week of HOPE, presented by the Red Sox Foundation, we are excited to reveal the biographies and illustrations of three characters from Clover’s Hopeful Day: Clover the adventurous bunny, Nutmeg the curious squirrel, and Ollie the wise owl. We partnered with Audrey and Emelia, two nine-year-olds from Oregon, who drew the illustrations of the characters based on their unique perspective on the story. Learn more about the upcoming children’s book, the talented young artists, and the creator of the story.

Illustration of a grey bunny.
Illustration of a grey bunny.
Illustration of a young squirrel.
Illustration of an old owl.
Illustration of a grey bunny.Illustration of a young squirrel.Illustration of an old owl.

Meet the Illustrators


Audrey is an amazing person! She is very clumsy but that does not stop her from doing her favorite sports. She cares a lot about her family and friends. She loves the colors black, red, lime green, and white. Audrey loves to write because she gets to use her wild imagination! When writing and being creative Audrey likes to tell herself, “If you split open your imagination, who knows what will come out?!”


Emelia is nine-years-old and lives in Oregon with her family and her two pet rats. She has many hobbies. She has been dancing from a young age and also enjoys art, drawing, playing the guitar, and singing. Emelia loves the color purple and is a big fan of Taylor Swift. And she enjoyed illustrating these characters and scenes from Clover’s Hopeful Day with her best friend!

Meet the creator of the story

Laura Gallant

Laura Gallant is the creator of the story and character biographies. Laura is a research associate at the HOPE National Resource Center. She is thrilled to have the opportunity to create a story centered on PCEs and the Four Building Blocks of HOPE. Laura is deeply inspired by Audrey and Emelia’s interpretation of the characters, and cannot wait to incorporate their vision into the children’s book, and see the village where the characters Clover, Nutmeg, and Ollie live come to life. As a child, Laura loved when her parents read her stories before bedtime, where she would imagine she was in the stories with all her favorite characters. It was such a special time, and provided a safe space to enter new worlds and learn something new.

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