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Flags at a pride parade.

June is Pride month, and at the HOPE National Resource Center we are reflecting on the ways that the Four Building Blocks of HOPE helps promote safe, and stable environments for LGBTQ+ families and youth. Providing safe relationships, environments, and opportunities for engagement where children and youth can be themselves is key to the HOPE framework. The HOPE National Resource Center has several resources to help break down barriers to PCEs and promote the Four Building Blocks of HOPE for LGBTQ+ families, children, and youth.

Promoting Positive Childhood Experiences in LGBTQ+ Families walks through each of the Four Building Blocks of HOPE. It shares how LGBTQ+ families, children, and youth can access each building blocks through celebrating and honoring their identity. Another resource is Promoting PCEs for Children and Youth who are Transgender or Non-binary. This resource shares 10 ways to promote PCEs and access to the Four Building Blocks of HOPE for transgender (trans) and non-binary youth. Each tip shares how to support trans and non-binary youth by breaking down barriers to PCEs and helping create environments where everyone can share their true selves safely.

The Four Building Blocks of HOPE and PCEs can be promoted in many areas of child and family services. Even if you do not interact with children or youth on a daily basis, you can promote changes and policies within your organization to help create a safe and inclusive environment. Safety is a key component of promoting PCEs, especially now, when access to gender-affirming healthcare and books with LGBTQ+ content are hot-button topics. Having safe places and people helps LGBTQ+ youth feel loved and supported. The more places we can embed these practices, the more opportunities children and youth have to thrive.

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