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The Spreading HOPE Online Learning Course (HOPE LMS) was released in June of 2020.

Since then, over 400 learners have signed up for the course through Tufts iLearn, and more than 120 completed the course. Through five interactive modules, learners gained a crash-course in HOPE, and learned important tools and strategies for incorporating the HOPE Framework into practice. When asked about their learning goals before and after completing the course, participants gave their insights and opinions through our HOPE LMS Pre- and Post-Survey.

Learners from over 30 states/territories and 11 sectors took the course, with participants working in areas such as child welfare, health care, home visiting, early childhood education, and more. Most had worked in their field for 1-10 years (56%), with others claiming 10-25+ years of experience.

When asked about their understanding of concepts such as adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and positive childhood experiences (PCEs) on the pre- and post-survey, learners who took the HOPE LMS noted an improved understanding of the way that these concepts influence development. Those who completed the post-survey were three times less likely to disagree/strongly disagree with understanding ACEs (6% vs. 2%). Also, those who completed the post-survey were five times less likely to disagree/strongly disagree with understanding PCEs (10% vs 2%). By engaging with the HOPE LMS, learners were able to better grasp both of these concepts.

Chart showing 1 Q9A Pretest Aces
Chart showing 2 Q2A Posttest Aces
Chart showing 3 Q9B Pretest Pces
Chart showing 4 Q2B Posttest Pces

In addition to deepening their understanding of how both positive and adverse childhood experiences affect development, participants rated the Spreading HOPE course highly. 93% of respondents to the post-survey indicated that they would recommend the course to others, and most also felt that the modules were relevant to their work (98%) and came in a form that was easy to navigate (88%).

Those who completed the course not only rated it highly, and came away having learned more about HOPE, ACEs and PCEs, but they also ended with intentions to adapt their practice to become more HOPE-informed. Post-test respondents were asked a series of HOPE-Informed decision making questions, which were all answered correctly by 98% of learners. They also indicated an agreement with taking these concepts forward into their work, evaluating tools and strategies used, and sharing the HOPE framework with colleagues as a means to improve practice.

Chart showing 5 Q7B Posttest intent

Across the board, learners engaged with the Spreading HOPE Online Learning Course responded positively to the modules, and found concrete strategies to integrate the HOPE Framework into their work. No matter the sector or experience level, most learners came away from the course with a better understanding of ACEs, PCEs, and HOPE, and felt comfortable selecting HOPE-informed provider responses. In their own words, learners were enthusiastic about the course:

“I liked the patient/client interaction videos. Being able to do the science and application modules as a stand alone would be an [efficient] use of time in the healthcare setting.”

“Nice introduction-I’m ready to learn more”

“Excellent work! I am sharing your information far and wide!”

“I am very much satisfied and agree that focusing on the positives makes the person want to do better.”

“I appreciate the way the HOPE course is laid out. Short videos with a bit of reading including interactive activities was a nice balance for learning.”

“I would like to share this material with other organizations who work with families and children like ours.”

“This is fantastic! Thank you :)”

“Appreciated the course”

“This was a great training! I, and a few of my [colleagues], were [doing] the online training to get an idea of if this is something that would fit well with our work and in our community.”

“I have already provided the HOPE site to colleagues- Thank you for offering this training for Free!”

“Thoroughly enjoyed the training!”

As the Spreading HOPE Online Learning Course prepares to migrate to a new online platform, we would like to thank all who have taken the course so far! Your input and effort are essential to our growth.

If you have signed up for the course and have yet to finish, follow the link HERE to complete your HOPE Modules. Look out for more information about the HOPE LMS migration to come!

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