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Mother and child playing

HOPE offers a way for children to improve their lifelong mental health through positive childhood experiences (PCEs). The theme of Women’s History Month 2022, “Women Providing Healing, Promoting Hope”, strongly aligns with that purpose. Many times, women are the main caregivers in their homes and work in caregiving professions. Sadly, those roles have been under-valued or insufficiently respected. HOPE partners with caregivers in the home and in the workplace, and we value the many contributions that women have made – and continue to make – to improve the lives of all of us.

The HOPE framework celebrates parents, and calls on providers to identify, honor, and promote their strengths in their families and communities. HOPE provides tools for child and family serving professionals to focus on the positive. This growing movement to change practice has been important to increasing access to PCEs and has been the basis for spreading HOPE. Below are a few ways that you can celebrate the women in your life. You will find resources to learn more about Women’s History Month and to discover amazing women leaders.

Women’s history month resources




Photo by Courtney Kammers on Unsplash

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