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Doctor meeting with child and mother.

The videos below share brief examples of providers eliciting a parent’s goal in the course of a visit and then connecting that goal to a “moment of HOPE.” The first video shares a parent with an infant and the second is a parent with a preschooler.

HOPE is working with three Help Me Grow Systems (one in Connecticut, one in Oakland, MI, and one in Butte County, CA) to better understand how implementing HOPE might promote Goal Concordant Care both at the pediatric practice level and the Help Me Grow Centralized Access Point level. Between now and October, 2023, each Help Me Grow system will begin asking families about their goals for their children during one type of visit (for the pediatric practices) or referral type (for the Centralized Access Points). The provider will link that parent goal to one of the Four Building Blocks of HOPE and share how valuable that goal is to the child’s future health. The provider will then document that goal of the family’s and share it with any referral source that may come from the conversation. Families will be asked, upon completion of the visit, if they feel their provider cared about the goals they had for their child. Results of these surveys will be looked at monthly, and regular PDSA (Plan-Do-Act-Study) cycles will be utilized  with providers to work towards the majority of families feeling like their providers care about their goals.

Once the evaluations have been completed, we will be creating a self paced online course, about what works to promote Goal Concordant Care in pediatric practices and Help Me Grow systems using HOPE.

Goal Concordant Care with a Parent of an Infant
Goal Concordant Care with a Parent of a Preschooler

*These training videos were created for Help Me Grow National’s Goal Concordant Care Project, with intended use by HMG affiliates in full implementation of the Child Health Care Provider Outreach Core Component of the Model.

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