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Photo of African American boy wearing a mask giving a thumbs up
Cover of Jama Pediatrics No Increase Child Physical Abuse During Pandemic publication

Child Physical Abuse Did Not Increase During the Pandemic

HOPE suggests that providers identify, celebrate, and promote positive childhood experiences. In this paper, published in the American Medical Association’s journal, JAMA Pediatrics, Bob Sege and Allison Stephens do just that. Polls and the HOPE NRC’s experiences have identified how much parents around the country have done to protect their children during the pandemic. Polls show that parents and children have grown closer. Contrary to what many expected, child abuse rates fell during the first part of the pandemic. In addition to the love and strengths of families, federal, state, and local governments stepped up and supported families. The take home lesson for policy makers is clear – the most effective way to prevent child abuse and promote family strengths is through reinforcing the safety net so that children can experience safe and equitable environments in which to live, learn, and play.

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