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Headshot of Loren McCullough

Eliza Loren Purdue, BA (nee Loren McCullough) is a senior research assistant and training & technical assistance coordinator at the HOPE National Resource Center at Tufts Medicine. With a background in early developmental psychology and health research, she received her degree from Boston University with a focus on early brain and language development. She has worked with Boston area projects studying how experiences shape brain development and future health outcomes that are associated with childhood experiences. After joining the HOPE team in 2020, Eliza has dedicated her professional career to disseminating the HOPE framework and understanding how PCEs can support and benefit families. She now conducts trainings for organizations, facilitators, stakeholders and large public audiences with the goal of setting HOPE into action across the country.

Eliza currently lives in Bethesda, MD with her husband and overly friendly dog Nova.

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