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Video still of HOPE and Early Childhood Education with Jamie Ward, MS

HOPE and Early Childhood Education, Jamie Ward, MS

Jamie Ward, Founder and Owner of Curricula Concepts, discussed her work with early childhood educators and caregivers on the importance of engaging families with young children. The incorporation of HOPE into relevant models, including the Parent Café program, was examined.

Cover of Begin Again with HOPE Materials Packet

Begin Again with HOPE, Corey Best

Mr. Best is a Community Curator for Mining For Gold and holds a leadership role in the Birth Parent National Network. He invited participants to engage in a values-driven, justice filled conversation on how HOPE can be used to nurture…

Video still of HOPE in Communities with Jane Stevens and Brian Semsem

HOPE in Communities, Jane Stevens and Brian Semsem

As communities — counties, cities, towns and neighborhoods — learn about and integrate the science of positive and adverse childhood experiences (PACES), they need to measure progress and outcomes. PACES Connection created the PACES Connection Cooperative of Communities to provide…

African American woman with group of diverse children at a farm

HOPE Two Pager

This resource is a quick two-page guide to HOPE, it shares the mission of HOPE, an overview of the four Building Blocks of HOPE and how to put HOPE into action.

Video still of a doctor and patient having a video call

Home Visiting Intake

These videos present two intake sessions, one that is intentionally dramatized and not informed by HOPE (we know that all of our home visiting friends are incredibly empathetic) and another that utilizes the HOPE framework. HOPE Research Assistant Loren McCullough…

Video still of a doctor and patient having a video call

Postpartum depression screen: HOPE-informed Encounter

Dr. Baraka Floyd, HOPE collaborator, co-presenter, and Clinical Assistant Professor, Stanford University School of Medicine created a similar series of videos. Dr. Floyd demonstrates encounters with a mock patient, to discuss a Post-Partum Depression screen, with and without a HOPE-informed…

White sans-serif type on bright blue background

Teen substance use screen: HOPE-informed Encounter

Here we present three videos — one showing a traditional approach to a first encounter between a physician and patient, the second showing a HOPE-informed approach to the same encounter, and a third with the actress who played the part…

Video still of PCE and Adult Mental Health presentation

PCE and Adult Mental Health

In this video, Dr. Sege presents the results of his study published in September, 2019 about the negative lifelong health effects of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and the protective/buffering lifelong effects of Positive Childhood Experiences (PCEs).

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