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We [Great Start Collaborative Oakland] are implementing HOPE at an organizational level with one of our local early childhood system stakeholders. It is a process in which we are combining HOPE with other tools and frameworks that aim to increase staff’s strengths and support them where discouragement and frustration have set in, providing a space where they can recognize and implement HOPE’s four building blocks in their daily work.
Cater to your audience, HOPE is flexible.
[I have] Brought awareness and interest to PCEs [positive childhood experiences]. People have been considering how Protective Factors and PCEs are connected and intersect.
[I have been] Spreading the impact of positive childhood experiences and the HOPE framework not only to the caregivers of my patients, but all stakeholders involved with children and adolescents.

Great training, well put together, concepts are easy to grasp and can be incorporated into work being done around ACEs
We [as HOPE Facilitators] have trained many child care providers and helped them to understand that they can legitimately make a lasting impact in the lives of children. We help them focus on creating positive experiences for the children in their care. Interaction by interaction, they are able to improve outcomes for them.

Learning to incorporate HOPE with other existing frameworks like Strengthening Families [was the most helpful aspect of the Champion training]. We [Bayou Lotus Corporation] have become a certified HOPE organization and are integrating HOPE throughout our organization.

I have been able to impact my organization and community by speaking about the HOPE framework beliefs and practices through workshops and seminars.

The HOPE Framework provides a solution-based method for solving the most critical problems facing our communities today. It gives community leaders HOPE when collaborating to meet the needs of its citizens and creates a win-win situation for everyone.
[As a HOPE Champion] I have incorporated HOPE across my 15 programs in 36 counties in my state. I advocated for TDOH [Tennessee Department of Health] Office of Strategic Initiatives to use HOPE in their PCEs [positive childhood experiences] messaging and both state reps plan to get trained as HOPE Facilitators. We [Centerstone] have been working to promote PCEs [positive childhood experiences] with a multigenerational approach for many years, but HOPE is being used to create the common language across all levels and in the community so that we can progress more quickly.

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