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Personal Stories of HOPE: Anna Hadingham’s Story

Anna Hadingham, educator and theater artist working with the Apollinaire theater company, the Chelsea Collaborative, and Peronia Adolescente We all need to feel like we belong in a space where other people accept us, where our lives and identities matter. This story is adapted…

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Personal Stories of HOPE: Dr. Moira Szilagyi’s Story

Dr. Moira Szilagyi, American Academy of Pediatrics president-elect, academic pediatrician at UCLA, interim division chief of general pediatrics, and section chief of developmental behavioral pediatrics Resilience is dependent on the earliest relationships children have, because all the other resilience characteristics…

Perspective view of trees in the forest looking upward

Personal Stories of HOPE: Brooke Adams’ Story

Brooke Adams, a first-generation college graduate with a master’s degree in social work and a passion for working with students from under-resourced communities I am now recognizing how much it mattered to me to have someone who really watched out…

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Reimagining Health — Flourishing

This opinion piece presents flourishing as a better metric for measuring health (compared to physical measures like blood pressure or life expectancy) because it takes multiple parts of a person’s life into account. The six domains of flourishing are: happiness…

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